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All Nations Church was founded at the end of July in 2016 in Eschborn. Under the pastoral leadership of Isaac and Fabiana Liu about 25 people team members met weekly for a team meeting as well as for a Sunday service in the living room. Since January 2017 the Sunday service takes place in the common room of the elderly accommodation complex in Eschborn. Only after a short time this new founded church was launched, and ten different nations were represented among the 50 church members. People from Germany, China, Brazil, Iran, South Korea, USA, Croatia, Serbia, Portugal, Italy shaped the service with cultural and culinary diversity.

Pastor Isaac Liu was born in Central China as the son of a preacher (known as Brother Yun from the book “The heavenly man”). Through the persecution of Christians in China, Isaac grew up in extreme circumstances. The whole family was persecuted, his father spent altogether more than 10 years in prison due to his faith. Nevertheless Isaac decided to get baptized at the age of 7 to dedicate his life to Jesus. After several years of persecution as well as a time of growth and revival of the Chinese underground churches, the family fled first to Burma and then via Thailand to Germany. There Isaac learned German, graduated from school and successfully completed bible college at Beröa in Erzhausen.

Pastor Fabiana Liu was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At the age of 6 the family moved to Leonberg near Stuttgart. Especially through the influence of her mother, Fabiana was inspired to live in a living relationship with God and decided to dedicate her life to God at the age of 14. During her youth she was part of the International Christian Center Stuttgart, a church under the spiritual leadership of the Gospelforum Stuttgart. After her high-school graduation, Fabiana moved back to Brazil to complete bible school at the church “Lagoinha” in Belo Horizonte. That’s where she met Isaac, when she translated his message from German into her mother tongue. In 2011, two years after they met, they got married.

Together they first served as pastors in ICZ Stuttgart. In 2013 they moved to the US for further studies in their pastoral ministry at Bethel Church in Redding. There they received the dream to plant a new church in Eschborn/Frankfurt.


1. God’s word transforms

We love the word of God and believe in its transforming power through preaching, teaching, common and personal bible study.

2. God is good

The message of the gospel is the message of God’s goodness. We believe that he is a good father and that he calls us to believe in his goodness, to recognize his goodness and to experience him.

3. We are sons and daughters of God

Through our faith in Jesus Christ, we become sons and daughters of God. We don’t live as orphans but as children of God, whose identity is based on the truth that we are accepted and loved by God.

4. God speaks even today

God speaks through his Holy Spirit personally to us. Each one of us is called to recognize the voice of God, to listen and to develop a sensibility for his various ways of speaking.

5. The supernatural ministry

To serve God is a supernatural ministry. We believe and seek his supernatural work through the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We believe in supernatural healing, prophecy, signs and wonders through which God reveals himself.

6. A culture of honor

We establish a culture of honor, in which people from different nations, life situations, family and cultural backgrounds have community, mutual appreciation and respect - and treating each other in loving kindness.

7. Focus on God’s presence

Our focus of church life is not on particular activities but on the presence of God. All we do is based on that God is with us and reveals us his presence.

8. Light and salt for our society

We want to serve our society. As a community we want to offer practical help, pastoral service and financial support.

9. Healthy families

We highly value healthy families. Marriages as well as parenthood are to be protected, respected, inspired and supported through church life.

10. The mission mandate

We believe in the mission mandate, evangelism and discipleship. We want to live the message of the gospel authentically and share it. We want to accompany people in their faith and guide them into their calling.


1. God

We believe in the one eternal God of the bible, the creator of heaven and earth that has revealed himself to us as the father, son and Holy Spirit.

2. God the father

We believe in God the father, the origin of all fatherhood, who wants to turn to mankind in mercy and care and wishes for all to come to know the truth. That is why, in his love which surpasses all human understanding, he has given his son for the salvation of this world.

3. Jesus Christ

We believe in Jesus Christ as the word of God that has become flesh, conceived through the Holy Spirit and birthed through the virgin woman Mary. In him God has revealed himself to us for salvation. The Bible, the Holy Scripture of the Old and New Testament inspired by the Holy Spirit, testifies as an impeccable guideline for our life, our thinking and our actions. As the flesh-born Word of God, Jesus Christ, has given salvation for all men through his sacrificial death once and for all to be seated to the right of God to intercede on our behalf after his resurrection and ascension. We believe that Jesus, our Lord, will return in his power and glory. The savior to eternal glory and to the lost to eternal judgment. In him God invites all men as lost sinners to receive his salvation through repentance and faith.

4. The Holy Spirit

We believe in the Holy Spirit that came through the deliverance of Jesus Christ and the resurrection, which gave us new life. Through the baptism with the Holy Spirit, our Lord wants to empower all believers for ministry. He brings forth the fruit of the spirit through his presence in the resurrected. The Holy Spirit, in divine sovereignty, gives various gifts, works in ministries and impacts for mutual encouragement among believers and for the ministry to the world.

5. The Bible

We believe in the power and the inspiration of the Scripture, the Bible, which is a guide-line for our whole life.

- Confession of faith by BFP (German network of pentecostal churches).


All Nations Church is part of the German network BFP (Network of pentecostal churches), the AVC (Action on behalf of persecuted Christians) as well as the international network Global Legacy.

We have special friendship partnerships with Bethel Church Redding (USA), House of Heroes Nijkerk (The Netherlands), and GODFest Ministries (Awakening Europe).

At least 10% of the church budget is spent on mission work. The main recipients are an orphanage in Myanmar (with currently about 300 children), a retirement home for former pastors (with currently about 40 elderly) in China, as well as the mission work of Zhendao and Yilin Liu in Cambodia.

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